Guidelines for the Authors

Academic journal OIKOS ("Home" in Greek) is designed for modern migration, migration policy in Lithuania, diaspora and cultural history of problems. Journal publishes original research and review articles, book reviews, archival documents and publications.

Articles are published in Lithuanian and English languages.

The size of the article – up to 1 author’s quire (40,000 characters), book reviews - to 0.25 author’s quire (10,000 characters). The publication of lengthy articles should be discussed with the editorial board. The text of all the articles is presented on paper format (1 copy, using Times New Roman 12 font, 1.5 line spacing).

Journal articles submitted to OIKOS are anonymously reviewed by two reviewers appointed by the editor. The language of all the articles is edited by an editor.

The journal publishes only previously unpublished articles. They must meet the academic requirements of the articles. They must be formed purpose of the research presented to analyze the problem in state, the findings of the investigation, the sources and literature. Published by the Lithuanian scientific texts must be accompanied by a summary in English and Lithuanian languages ​​(600-1000) characters). To be non-Lithuanian articles published in a summary of the Lithuanian language.

Comments and references should be places at the end of the text with a continuous numbering (references and observations are made ​​during the Insert / Endnote). References in the end should be given by the following scheme:

  • indication from a book: author’s name, title of the publication, place of the publication, publisher, year and page from which the quotations are given. If possible, publication volume should be added.
  • indication of the article from a book: the author's name, title of the publication, title of the book, year, publisher, page, from which the quotations are given.
  • indication of the article from a periodical: the author's name, title of the article, name of the journal, year, number, page, from which the quotations are given.

 Quotations are made by double quotation marks without changing the font of a text differently.

The non-Lithuanian names of the text should be written in the original form. For the first time in the text the full name is required. The most widely used place names, of which knowledge can be found on-access encyclopaedias, written in Lithuanian language convention in pronunciation. Rare and hear the name without translation, written in the original spelling.

Authors and co-workers by sending your article should write their name, affiliation institutions, academic degree, e-mail address, phone number.

OIKOS editorial board collects a computer-printed text and copy of the article.

Articles, reviews should be sent to the Lithuanian Emigration Institute (S. Daukanto street 25, LT-44249 Kaunas, e-mail:, ph.: +370 37 327839) or to the deputy editor assoc. professor Dalia Kuizinienė by e-mail:

Journal is reviewed and placed in the international EBSCO Publishing databases