VMU Lithuanian Emigration Institute has gained a great cultural heritage of Lithuanian Diaspora: archival documents of various Diaspora organizations and individuals, periodicals, books, audio-visual material. The Institute is collecting, managing, safeguarding Bronius Kviklys (8 thousand). Vytautas Kavolis (1300) and Aleksandras Štromas (12 thousand), Fr. Vincas Valkavičius, Bronius Nemickas, Aleksas Vaškelis, Adolfas Damušis, Liūtas Mockūnas book collections. It also has a great collection of exile periodicals.



On the first floor of VMU Lithuanian Emigration Aleksandras Štromas Political Sciences Reading Room is located. The stock (more than 20000 items) consists of personal collections of Aleksandras Štromas, Bronius Kviklys, Vytautas Kavolis on political, social, humanitarian sciences in English, Russian and other languages, dissident periodicals.



Here you can order and read documents from Bronius Kviklys and Vytautas Kavolis personal collections.

Reading Room has 14 working places for readers.


Working hours

Monday – Friday  8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

VI - closed

VII - closed 

The last Friday of each month is the Cleaning day and readers are not accepted. 



S. Daukantas street 25, 1st floor. (map)

LT - 44249 Kaunas



Publications Search: 

Information about publications is kept in the general library catalog, as well as in Bronius Kviklys and Vytautas Kavolis collections catalogs.